Customs, AQIS Clearance & Consultancy 

FreightPower handles the complex task of organising and moving your shipments through Customs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We utilise experienced Customs & AQIS accredited brokers with many years of experience to ensure that your products are entered correctly with both Customs and AQIS to ensure that there are no delays in delivering your cargo.

Our Brokers are available to provide advice to ensure that the lowest correct duty is paid and that all other Statutory requirements are complied with.

We can coordinate Quarantine inspections at all of our facilities. Our warehouses are Customs and Quarantine approved so that we can minimise costs should there be a procedural issue.

FreightPower offer the following services utilising experienced Customs & AQIS accredited brokers –

  • Electronic Customs Clearance of Imported Goods
  • Quarantine Appraisal and Attendance to AQIS/IFP
  • Clearance Formalities
  • Quarantine Advice including Imported Foods
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Duty Payments
  • Duty Drawback and Tradex Advice for Exporters
  • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports
  • Landed Into-Store Costing Facilities
  • Customs Valuation Advice
  • Tariff Classification Advice
  • Tariff Concession Applications
  • EDI and Electronic Interconnection
  • Full Customs Consultancy Service